Sopo manager goes international

dub rides paris

If you’ve ever been in Sopo on a Tuesday night, then you’ve seen Dub.

What you probably didn’t know about our beloved Tuesday night manager is that over the past several months he’s been sweating, training, and working his saddle off to ride in Paris-Brest-Paris, one of the world’s oldest cycling events.

Paris-Brest-Paris is an amateur randonneur “race.” Participants get 90 hours to ride 600 km, from Paris to Brest, and 600km back, for a total of 1200 km (or 750 miles). Time is only recorded in the case of hours and everyone’s considered a winner as long as they complete the challenge in the allotted time. Paris-Brest-Paris only occurs once every four years and participants must qualify for it by doing other sanctioned randonneurs.

The event kicked off this past Sunday, August 16 and ends Thursday, August 20. That means Dub is en route! Keep track of him by following his Facebook page. If you’re feeling charitable, donate to his Go Fund Me campaign to help him offset the costs of traveling (he is, after all, representing the ATL in France on his own dime).

Of course, you could also track him on the official Paris-Brest-Paris website. That is, if you can solve one of Sopo’s greatest mysteries: What is Dub’s real name?