Sopo-Gateway: The Link


Helping Atlanta’s Homeless Get Wheels


Our Mission

The mission of the Link is to provide cycling resources to Atlanta’s homeless community.

Our Vision

The vision of the Link is for every Atlantan, regardless of economic status, to have access to affordable transportation options.

Core Values

  1. Self-empowerment through teaching and volunteering.
  2. Innovative solutions for community integration.
  3. Passionate advocacy for equitable access to transportation options.

Why Sopo?

Sopo Bicycle Cooperative, established in East Atlanta in 2004 and located in Grant Park since 2012, has a long-established relationship with Atlanta’s transient community. It is estimated that approximately half of Sopo’s clientele during any given open shop hours are homeless or in a transitional housing situation. The Link’s partnership with the Gateway Center fulfills Sopo’s mission to promote equitable access to cycling resources while also providing Gateway residents with opportunities for greater community integration.


Below are a few links to a few of the stories that have been written about the Link during the past year.

Creative Loafing

The Link was selected to participate in local alternative newspaper Creative Loafing’s <#DoGood> campaign in collaboration with Home Depot. A crowdfunding campaign was established to fund two projects: 1) installing 11 indoor bike racks at the Gateway Center and 2) building and fitting out a mobile bike repair trailer for Sopo to use at events.

 Southern Bike League (page 28)

Gateway Center