Bike There!

Bike There! Bicycle Rack Project

Sopo Bicycle Co-op, in collaboration with The Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, offers affordable bike racks, including installation, to help make your destination more bicycle friendly.

Bike There! is a campaign designed to get more people biking to more places around Atlanta. Bicycle travel is inexpensive, healthy and efficient, and offering secure bicycle parking at your destination is smart business.

The Value of Bicycle Parking
Providing high-quality, secure bicycle parking at your location provides a number of benefits:

  • Bicycle parking efficiently and inexpensively increases the overall parking capacity of a location.
  • Liability is the same as auto parking.
  • Locations with good bicycle parking have a competitive advantage for bicyclists’ business.
  • Bike racks send a message that your business supports “green” transportation and is invested in the surrounding neighborhood.
  • Well-designed and located bicycle parking creates more attractive building grounds. Without quality parking bicycles are often secured to benches, trees or signposts and may interfere with pedestrian safety.

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To purchase a rack or help with the project, contact us by email or phone at 404-425-9769.

Click Here for a list of completed installations.