Brake Pads


If you apply your brakes and hear metal on metal grinding, check your brake pads.

SoPo can help you. We can teach you how to replace your brake pads.

Crown Race Setter


SoPo has tools and this is one of them. A crown race setter for putting the crown race where it needs to go. We also have the Park Tools book for bike mechanics to walk you through the process.
SoPo can help with that!

Bikes To Work On


Our partnership with Gateway, the Link, will be busy this week getting bikes ready.



One way of getting a bike to a kiddo who can use it.l

Cold Racing At Boundary Waters Park


The SoPo Race Team made the trek out to Douglasville and Boundary Water Park for this past weekends Georgia Cyclocross Series races. It was a cold day but that didn’t stop some great racing and fun times.

Power sucking grass and technical sections challenged most riders. There were a lot of new faces to motivate folks to keep riding hard. From one hill, fans could see almost all of the race. The fun was gathered there.

The season is coming to an end soon. Serenbe race this weekend followed by a break for Thanksgiving and then a weekend of racing up in Baldwin, GA. If you want to come out to see some great racing, this weekend at Serenbe is a good place to be. We can lend you a cross bike if you want to try racing.

Thanks to the folks involved with this past weekends Boundary Waters race. We all enjoyed it.




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SoPo x Gateway Daytime Hours

Our partnership program with The Gateway continues with daytime hours with a crew has organized the shop and cleaned up a bit. We now have Tuesday daytime hours so please stop on in and check it out.

Update: Tuesday daytime hours are from 3pm to 6pm.

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L5 Flyers History


A little bit of awesome L5 Flyers history being donated to the shop.