Meet Adam!

Back at the beginning of February, SoPo got a new Volunteer Coordinator who has jumped in with both feet!  His name is Adam, he is super rad, and we wanted you to know more about him!  That’s why we did an interview with this awesome human.

Adam N, new Volunteer Coordinator

How long have you been working with SoPo, and were you involved before taking the VC position?
I started as the volunteer coordinator at the end of February, a week or two before Broken Hearts. I started volunteering for Sopo 3 or so years ago. My involvement as always been on and off again, mostly because of school and time. But I’ve always loved helping folks out during open shop.

What were you up to before SoPo?
I graduated last May and took a job as a mechanic at Outback, while working part time for the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition. I eventually moved to working more or less full time at the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, before adding on the Sopo VC position, I’m the membership coordinator at ABC. I do a lot of coordinating and I get to think about bikes all the time.

What events have you been involved in so far as VC?
I had the pleasure of helping to organize for Broken Hearts. I mostly helped with creating volunteer shifts and roles and guiding them, a small part of what was an awesome, very well organized event. I also went to Bike! Bike! SE.

What’s your favorite thing about cycling in Atlanta?
Hills! Actually, right now,  my favorite thing would be all the bike-related happenings around Atlanta. Between Sopo, The Spindle, ABC, the Mobile Social, there are lots of cool people planning awesome events. There is something fun and bike related happening every weekend!

What changes would you like to see for cycling in Atlanta?
I really take Sopo’s mission of “equitable access” to heart. I don’t want people to feel like they can’t bike because they don’t have the right bike or because they can’t rely on their bike. I want to see more resources like Sopo for people of limited means, mobility, or time. Fortunately, there seem to be more groups like Sopo popping up, like Communicycle that serve areas that Sopo couldn’t reach.

What kinds of things were going on at Bike! Bike!?
Lots of workshops and meeting folks! We had guided discussions and workshops on topics ranging from organizing the shop, creating a safer space, to helping people suffering from mental illness. These discussions were really informative. There was some great energy from all the different co-ops. There were people who were part of co-ops just starting out and people from ones that have been around for 12 years, but regardless of how long they’d been around, there was so much to learn from all of them.

What ideas did you experience at Bike! Bike! & how would you like to
bring them to SoPo?
We attended some great workshops that centered on the question of what it means to be a community space. What really struck me was the concept of creating “safer space” policies. Sopo as an organization has always been focused on welcoming everyone into the shop. But I think the idea of a safer space is you have to continually work to be a safer space. You don’t just become one. Safer spaces have to practice careful listening, open dialogue, and creating very clear policies on the kind of behavior is allowed in the shop. I’m not sure what this may look like for Sopo, but I’m very excited about it. I think having clearer policies on how we interact with others could be good.We all know that Sopo is an amazing community resource, and so we should make sure we are doing everything we can to to make utilizing Sopo a positive experience for everyone.

Adam is not only a wonderful Volunteer Coordinator, but is extra nice as well so be sure to say hello if you haven’t already gotten the chance!