Halloween Bike Costumes: Do’s and Don’ts and Ideas

If you’re like any perfectly normal functioning adult you’ve had you’re Halloween costume planned for weeks, if not months.

OK now, let’s be real.  Most of us will be hitting the thrift stores pretty hard this weekend, scrambling for that last minute random idea.  But if you’re on your bike this Halloween, you might need to put some extra careful thought into your costume.

Remember the basics of your riding style and what you’d normally wear.  There’s a reason skinny jeans are popular with cyclists, and not bell bottoms.  Keep away from baggy, flowy outfits that could get caught in your gears, chains, or spokes.  If you normally wear a helmet, continue to do so.  You can incorporate it into a fun outfit!

While capes may seem like fun idea to give you that full on Superman-faster-than-a-speeding bullet feel while riding, they might get caught up in your rear wheel.  Black is usually a Halloween staple, but stay away from too much of it on Halloween.  You still need to be visible.   Masks are great, but stay away from full-faced ones–they can limit your peripheral vision.

Now for some of the best ideas on two wheels.

1. Incorporate your bike into your costume.  You can be literally anything that rides any type of mode of transportation.  You could be something classic like a train conductor and dress your bike to look like a train, or sailor/boat combination.  You can also think more off-the-wall, like Chris Pratt in Jurassic World riding a Velociraptor or even a Snoopy/red dog house combination.  Check these out for inspiration:

bikecar astronautneverending horse and jockeystar wars bike


2.  Think about the silver screen.  There’s plenty of movies that have bikes, or involving biking in them, and you wouldn’t necessarily have to decorate or alter your bike.

bmx bandit dvd cover et_bike peewee wicked-witch


3. Want something a little more ironic?

bike lane

4. The best ideas for riding with your buds:

Muppets-Group-Bicycle-Ride pacman