Want to make a difference in your community and contribute to Sopo’s mission of creating equitable access to cycling through education and bike maintenance? Make a donation to our Annual Fund!

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Sopo is a volunteer-driven nonprofit which fosters empowerment and self-reliance in the cycling community through education and providing access to the tools and knowledge needed for people to maintain their own bicycles. We do this by operating a community bike shop, and through outreach programs and partnerships with other local nonprofits. We see the bicycle as more then recreational, it’s a viable means of transportation and self-reliance. To that end, we work with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Gateway Center to provide bicycles and education to some of Atlanta’s most under-served and disadvantaged residents.

By donating to Sopo’s annual fund, you are helping to create opportunity for those in need. Our bikes give people a reliable means of transportation to help them find a job, to get to school or work, and to do so in a healthy, sustainable way that doesn’t increase the burden on Atlanta’s transportation network. Through our educational outreach, we are ensuring that those who travel by bike in Atlanta do so safely, confidently and with an understanding of how traffic laws pertain to them. Sopo is volunteer and donation-driven, so you can be sure that your contribution will change someone’s life and strengthen the community.


Your contribution will support our all-volunteer-staffed community bike shop, which is open to the public regardless of the users knowledge of bicycles or ability to pay for our services. It will also help fund our various educational programs and partnership initiatives with other Atlanta-based nonprofits.