Demystifying Mountain Bike Wheels and Tires with Bobby Brown

When mountain biking first hit the scene, wheel sizes were pretty standard at 26 inches.  This is basically due to the fact that the old Klunkers riders were throwing down mountains were 26 inch Schwinn balloon tire bikes.

In recent years, the mountain bike industry has seen phenomenal technological upgrades.  One hot topic of debate lately is wheel sizes and tire sizes.  Bike companies started producing 29 inch wheels and tires and found that they crushed obstacles on the trails.  Then, some found that splitting the difference between 29 inch and 26 inch, at 27.5 inches (or 650b) gave riders better control.

Now manufacturers are playing around with different tire sizes on these wheels.  With the popularity of fat bikes (26 inch wheels with 4-5 inch wide tires) companies are starting to produce wider tires on 27.5 and 29 inch wheels.

So what’s the best tire/wheel size combination?  How does one understand all these new-fangled sizing gizmos?  Here to help is former Sopo shop manager and former board member, Bobby Brown.  Bobby works for Maxxis Tires as a Marketing Specialist and was recently interviewed by on the subject.

Click here to listen to the podcast on Singletracks or play the podcast below.  Not only is it very informative, but it’s great to see a fellow Soponista contributing to the bike industry on this level.