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Atlanta Streets Alive – ABC and Wecycle at Wrens Nest

Atlanta Streets Alive is closing the streets of the historic West End to cars and opening it to the public for four full hours of human powered fun! While celebrating the neighborhood, Atlanta Streets Alive simultaneously introduces its attendees to an assortment of amusing outdoor activities and encourages them to live a greener life by travelling by foot or bicycle.

Join the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, WeCycle Atlanta, Sopo Bicycle Cooperative, Patchwork City Farms and more on Sunday, April 20, 2014 from 2pm-6pm in the West End. Wecycle Atlanta will be leading a bike ride with SWAG (Southwest Agriculture) Co-op, exploring the farms of Atlanta. In addition to the farm tours, Wecycle Atlanta will partner with SOPO in a pop-up bike shop!

Want to rent a Bicycle? Wecycle Atlanta will be renting bikes from 12-1:30pm at the Ashview Community Garden.
Meet us on the SW Beltline at 1181 Fenwood St. SW Atlanta! $10 suggested donation.

Games, Tours, and Classes:

12p.m. – 1:30 p.m. – Bike Rental & ABC Quick Checks at the Ashview Community Garden!!

1:45p.m. – Do The Bike Thing to Atlanta Streets Alive

2p.m. – 6p.m. Mobile Bike Shop at Wrens Nest


3p.m. – Tour West Atlanta Farms



5p.m. – Tour West Atlanta Farms

6p.m. – TURN DOWN the shop.

Do The Bike Thing with us to Atlanta Streets Alive in the West End at 1:45p.m!!!


Atlanta Streets Alive ABC - Wecycle at Wrens Nest

DLV’s Women’s Velodrome Challenge


Thanks to the folks at Dick Lane Velodrome for putting on a great event with this past weekends Women’s Velodrome Challenge. We hope the event keeps growing. And we look forward to the next event at DLV. Check out Dick Lane Velodrome here.

Bike Friendly Atlanta Parts Donation


Thanks to Bike Friendly Atlanta for the recent parts donation. This is a great donation that will keep the shop helping people and their bikes.

You can find Bike Friendly Atlanta here and their FB page.

And here’s what BFA has to say…

Doing the right thing! Passing on the parts from BFA’s awesome followers donated bikes to Sopo! Hoping this will help them get/keep some riders on the street, wheels down & safe!

Shop Is Closed Tonight – Thursday, April 10th

Photo from these awesome folks…

Hey Folks,

Sorry to say that the shop will be closed tonight, Thursday, April 10th,

We’ll be open again on Saturday, April 12th at 2pm.

Ride Safe and See you on Saturday!


Volunteer Service Award


For volunteering at SoPo.

Atlanta Streets Alive – April 20th


The news is out and Atlanta Streets Alive is coming on Sunday April 20th in Historic West End.


2.7 miles of closed streets for walking, running, roller balding, biking, and more. Come out and enjoy the fun with us. We’ll be looking out for our friends at WeCycle during Streets Alive.
Bike parade starts at 130. Streets closed from 2-6.

Metal on Metal


When you hit your brakes and hear a metal on metal grinding sound, it’s time to check your brake pads.

In this case the brakes pad were worn down to the metal underneath the brake pad. With the brake pad metal exposed, it was grinding against the metal rim. It actually made a rough groove on the rim.


Time to replace the brake pads.

SoPo Gem


The suspension stem.