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Ladies, Trans, & Genderqueer Movie Nite Out

Today, Sunday November 13th, we’ll be taking Ladies, Trans, & Genderqueer Nite on the road to Red, Bike, & Green-Atlanta’s celebration & film screening.  We’ll ride out around 6pm & close down the shop at that time.  For more information on this event, check out its Facebook page here.

Smart Cycling Videos

For Bike Month, the League of American Bicyclists has shared their excellent series of Smart Cycling videos, with categories of Riding Tips, Better Bicycling, & Bikes & Gears. Check them out ( for information on safe and savvy city cycling!

Meet Adam!

Back at the beginning of February, SoPo got a new Volunteer Coordinator who has jumped in with both feet!  His name is Adam, he is super rad, and we wanted you to know more about him!  That’s why we did an interview with this awesome human. Check it out!

Is a trip by bike for you?

View of river at sunset

Jacqui D, our Sunday night manager & volunteer, recently biked from Atlanta down to Tallahassee (her former home) for Bike! Bike! Southeast 2014, and shared about her experience with us.

Jacqui’s route totaled 360-400 miles and took her along the Chattahoochee River, through state and local parks, on big climbs, and even involved being lost in Fort Benning!

Check out our interview!:
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