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SoPo Row Bike!

Pat on the SoPo Row Bike!

Pat on the SoPo Row Bike!

Jim R. Miller Park Cyclocross Race in Marietta

Silver Comet to Cedartown Weekend Ride

Silver Comet to Cedartown Weekend Ride


What: A two-day bike ride from suburban Atlanta to the Alabama State Line along the Silver Comet Trail. Extras: Overnight stay in Cedartown, Georgia, catered lunches, breakfast, support vehicle and optional massage therapy at the hotel Saturday night.

The ride is 50 miles each day/way (Saturday ride can be 70+ if the rider goes to/past the Alabama state line).

Who: Minimum of 10 people, maximum of 40. Novice riders capable of maintaining an average of 10 miles per hour to complete the 50 mile ride each day.

The pace for the ride is “leisure” . With enough riders we can have multiple groups. Group A can ride 15+ mph average and travel further into Alabama. Group B can ride 10 mph. Lots of stops & rests. This is a “no drop” ride with a ride “sweep” to help insure each rider successfully makes the distance.

Ideal participant – a newer rider or someone who is getting back into shape and is inspired by the thrill of making a long ride on a spring weekend. HELMETS ARE REQUIRED

When: Saturday, June 2 and Sunday, June 3, 2012. With enough interest, we’ll plan a few weekend training rides.

Where: Start in Smyrna…bike 50 miles to Cedartown (those interested can bike an additional 10 miles to the Alabama state line and retrace 10 miles (total 70-mile day) back to Cedartown) for dinner and a night in a hotel, then bike back to the Smyrna on Sunday. That’s 100+ miles round trip, and we will have a car/van/sag-wagon to carry our overnight bags and meet us at the hotel.

The Silver Comet Trail is a paved multi-use trail for runners and bikers:

How much:
The expenses for the trip will be meals, SAG wagon, and hotel. SAG Wagon costs and meals about $30 – $40. Approximate hotel costs: $50 – $100. With enough riders, a massage therapist will provide a massage for additional cost.

By When:
To get a discounted hotel rate in Cedartown, please sign up by May 9th.

If you are interested in the ride, give us your contact information using this online form.

More details to follow as the date approaches.

link to this same ride via the MeetUp website: