All “prices” are suggested donations.
No one will be turned away for lack of money!

Sopo is a 501(c)3 tax exempt non-profit organization. Any revenue will be used to further Sopo’s mission.

To use the shop and tools, we ask for a donation of $5.00 per/hour. This includes full access to all the tools and any help you might need from a volunteer at the shop.

For parts, we also ask for a donation of $5.00 each*.

Donations do not have to take the form of money. Volunteer time at the shop, items from our wish list, etc. count just the same. But still, no one will be turned away due to inability to make a donation.

Sopo is about people and bicycles, not money.

* 1 pair = 1 part, e.g. 1 pair of pedals is still a suggested donation of $5.00