20’s Plenty

The following is a piece from Copenhagenize.com. Read the full post here.

Where on earth did they get those numbers? In the rest of the world, this is the gold standard:

Hit by a car doing 30 mph – which is 50 km/h – you have a 45% chance of dying, not 80%. That’s why the 20’s Plenty campaign exists. This is just ’30’s Dirty’. Who provided NY with these stats? Not anyone who is serious about safety. Why isn’t Manhattan one big 20 mph zone? In two years, 80% of Barcelona will be covered by 20 mph zones. Over 80 cities in Europe have adopted them.

If you’re seriously about saving childrens’ lives, you adopt 20 mph zones. This research is on of the many reasons why. This article in Forbes states that “The death rate more than doubles for pedestrians when speed increases from 25 to 35 m.p.h.. “That’s a big number. That’s something we hope all drivers will think about.” “

Indeed. Or what about this study in the British Medical Journal about 20 mph zones and the massive benefits. The BBC covers this as well, and Movement for a Liveable London has this piece on A City of 20.


Here’s an illustration from the Swedish Road Directorate, showing what it’s like to have 30 mph speed limits in a city. And New York is bragging about 30 mph? Is it possible to be more out of touch with reality and statistics?

Campaigns that place the responsibility on New Yorkers who walk and cycle and that allow automobile traffic to wreak the same havoc as it has done since engineers started messing with human streets back in the early 1900s are, quite simply, ridiculous. No city that continues on this course will ever achieve any decent and respectable level of urban cycling.